Clean & Drybox

With this accessory, hearing aids can be cleaned which results in an optimal sound reproduction and a longer life time of the hearing aid.
KOEN&CO improved the concept design of the drybox for Wake Up International and lifted the quality of the product to a higher level. This drybox is developed with a two components injection molding technique which results in a reduction in the amount of parts and lower assembly costs. At the same time this technique contributes to a better protection of the product for dirt and cleaning becomes easier.
The production was successfully finished before the product launch at the stores, thanks to taking the production technology into account from the beginning of this project
We supported Wake Up International until the guidence and verification of the injection molds and production startup. This healthcare product is for sale at the shops of Schoonenberg.

Client: Wake Up International B.V.

What we did

  • Product engineering
  • Design for Assembly
  • Prototype