KOEN&CO develops smart, feasible and affordable products!



For over ten years, KOEN&CO has been helping entrepreneurs in SME with product innovation, to give them a competitive edge in the market. Our services are focused on helping customers sell their products, technique or services more easily. KOEN&CO is an independent party with the right expertise for the development of products that are created in small to medium sized series. We provide support from idea to production, or for just a portion of this process and share our experiences, helping reduce the risks associated with the innovation process


“KOEN&CO is characterized by its pragmatic and inquisitive approach.”

With the unique R&D+C method, we comprehensively develop market demand into sustainable commercial product solutions. Our R&D+C-method consists of multiple cycles in which we design products based on RESEARCH, build prototypes based on CAD DEVELOPMENT and do research with the help of prototypes during the CREATE phase.


“We believe in Technology push + Market pull and the associated interplay of forces.”

Increasing the chance of a successful product implementation, that is what we are all about. The best product design involves a lot of factors. Market and user research are crucial to connect market demand to new technology. Read more…


“It is imperative to continuously innovate products to be competitive in the market”

KOEN&CO develops comprehensively! Brand experience, product design and production technology are translated into commercially sustainable product solutions. This helps bring abstract ideas to life and makes existing products commercially interesting for the next phase in the product lifecycle. Read more …


“Time to market nearly zero, thanks to in-house 3D print facilities!”

The product in your hands right away! The prototype available even before the factory has been built. It doesn’t get more realistic than that! Read more …


Product development is a complex process. That is why KOEN&CO is happy to provide you with support throughout the process. We unburden you where possible and make sure that all parties are involved in the development of the product at exactly the right time.

KOEN&CO is strong in:

+ Developing and designing new products
+ Configuring all associated processes
+ providing the right input to realize a successful end result
+ cost-driven development for the ROI

  • Independent advice

  • Out of the Box brainpower

  • Identifies failure and success factors

  • Market aware

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