The product in your hands right away! And with that, the time to market near zero, thanks to in-house 3D printing facilities! The prototype available even before the factory has been built. It doesn’t get more realistic than that!

A physical model provides more feedback than an image alone.

Test model

Mapping bottlenecks can be done using a ‘Proof of Principle’ test model. By doing this at the beginning of the innovation process, it adds focus to the design process.
We prefer to communicate tangible results with the help of test models. With 3D Print and CNC frilling techniques, mechanical models can be created. This helps demonstrate the operation of a new invention or a new product.

Presentation model

Carrying out consumer research or tradeshow and sales presentations prior to the launch of production, with products that are indistinguishable from the real thing to the consumer’s eye. This is possible with view models. These models are created by means of 3D print and CNC frilling techniques, other than the envisioned production technique. Product parts are cast from plastic or painted in the right color with a logo printed on it for a realistic appearance.

Serie- of massaproductie?

To make sure that the part is constructed in accordance with its design, we are involved in the mold construction and production startup. Where desired, we select a suitable production company. Quality, continuity, cost and delivery time are things we pay close attention to, which applies to the production site as well. We have extensive experience in production in Asia, but also know the advantages of production close to home.
We deliver small production numbers with assembly turnkey. In case of low numbers, mold techniques can be used in a creative manner, to deploy the rigid production techniques in a flexible manner.
Mass production is a way to produce at lower cost. The capital intensive investments in production tools are recouped if supported by a large market. In addition, we can control cost and initial investments in production tools by applying our technical knowledge of production techniques in the beginning of the design process. We have a lot of knowledge about plastic and aluminum injection molding and extrusion techniques. Other techniques we can apply for metal and plastic products include: punching, laser cutting, water jet cutting, CNC milling and vacuum forming.

No tool fees for small production numbers.

3D printing

Faster and better product development, through our in-house 3D printing method. Based on a 3D CAD file, we use our 3D printer to create a physical plastic model. In various stages of the design process, we can test the proportions and the operation of the design, using these models.
Would you like to use our 3D Print service with your own 3D CAD model? We are happy to be of assistance!

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