ZigBee Sensors

KOEN&CO developed for GreenPeak a range of six Smart Home enclosures with a consistent design language to create a family of form. These special cases enclose ZigBee chips, the new standard for wireless communication in addition to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Green Peak is creating ‘The Internet of Things’ in which more and more devices in and around the home do communicate with each other, to protect the house or for remote care.
GreenPeak contracted KOEN&CO to create an outstanding design that will fit a modern Smart Home interior and express this new state of the art chip technology.
KOEN&CO made the first sketch and developed the design till a mass production readiness level by using CAD software. A smooth transfer from the CAD work to the mold maker, made it possible that the first injection molding parts could be used for the introduction of this product at the CES show in Las Vegas.

Client: Greenpeak

What we did
  • Strategic Design
  • Mass Production