Increasing the chance of a successful product implementation, that is what we are all about. The best product design doesn’t just create itself. Market research and user research are crucial for connecting market demand to new technology.
Central in the RESEARCH phase is the research into the desired quality in relation to the feasibility and affordability of the product. Due to this, this phase focuses on: Market research, Technical feasibility and Financial feasibility.

We believe that it is market research that can provides answers, not the design.

Market research

KOEN&CO deploys market or user research in various stages of the development process, to test the commercial feasibility. In this research, the industry, customers, competition and environment are all assessed. The results of this research provides valuable input for product design and increase the chance of success.

Technical feasibility

Reducing the time to production and market, by first mapping the technical bottlenecks. What should the product look like, reasoned from the technical possibilities? What are the most suitable specifications, what technical design best matches the desires and the circumstances? This way, we are able to develop in a more targeted manner.
During the RESEARCH phase, KOEN&CO researches the technical product risks, which leads to an assessment of the technical feasibility. A technical analysis increases the chance of success and can lead to cost and time savings for the overall process.

we believe in technology push + market pull and the associated interplay of forces.

Financial feasibility

Recovering the investment within the desired time period. Is that feasible? To us, that’s not a question, it’s a starting point. During the RESEARCH phase, KOEN&CO researches the financial feasibility by drawing up budgets, carrying out price research, price comparison and cost price calculations. In addition, we review the sales model and the possible revenues.
The outcome of such a financial analysis is the basis for a cost-driven design and contributes to the success.

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